About National Mosque Open Day

The first of its kind internationally, founded by Sahar Dandan in 2014, National Mosque Open Day (NMOD) is an annual Australia-wide event that features a number of mosques across the nation simultaneously opening their doors to the public and inviting them to come in and explore their local mosque.

It endeavours to break down common misconceptions and stereotypes and counter all types of prejudice. As part of an independent evaluation of the project, the University of New South Wales concluded that National Mosque Open Day was “globally ground-breaking” and the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

While mosques are open all year round, many non-Muslim Australians are unaware of this fact and do not take the opportunity to meet local Muslims and find answers to their questions about Islam.

Each NMOD, participating mosques will present a unique experience and flavour, representing the particular multicultural make-up of its congregation. Some mosques will have BBQs, sweets and food, others activities for children and others again will host special exhibitions. Many mosques will combine all of these elements. Common to all mosques, however, will be an open and welcoming attitude and the opportunity to ask questions of religious elders and seek answers to questions.

Since its inception, an estimated 30,000 people have participated, with a combined total of over 154 media mentions, including media coverage in the US, UK, Turkey, China, Egypt, Iran and also mentioned in the Australian Federal Parliament.

NMOD Vision

A national, annual event which promotes religious and cultural diversity and inclusion.

NMOD Mission

  • To enhance understanding of Islam, empower Australian Muslims and build a better future for the Australian Muslim community.
  • To facilitate a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims in Australia by opening up the mosque, the cynosure of the Muslim community, to the wider Australian public.
  • To promote community inclusion at grassroots level nationally
  • To counteract various forms of prejudice, most prominently Islamophobia, as well as mutual chariness between Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

NMOD Objectives

  • Facilitate the opening of Mosques across Australia to the wider public on one, agreed-upon day per year.
  • Promote community inclusion via the opportunities of being invited to enter the sacred space of Muslims, engage with them and their religious elders, and in the process be educated regarding Muslims, their faith and their role within the fabric of Australian society
  • Work to advance the Australian Muslim communities contribution to the economical, intellectual and social fabric of the Australian community.

About National Unity Week

In a joint initiative of the LMA and Welcoming Australia , National Day of Unity incorporates the National Mosque Open Day and Walk Together events to celebrate diversity, encourage mutual respect and foster positive relationships between people of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.

In 2015, the project was endorsed and launched at Parliament House by the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Greens Leader Dr. Richard Di Natale. This was a very significant and historic moment for the Australian Muslim community, as the last time all leaders of the three major political parties have come together to collectively endorse a proposal was in 2008 during the Apology to First Nations People of this country for the Stolen Generations.

Over 20 media platforms covered the story, including SBS, ABC, 7 News, 9 News, Huffington Post, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Brisbane Times.

By 2016 the event had grown into National Unity Week. Over 30 events by Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bahai and Secular groups and organisations were held during the timeframe to help celebrate unity. For more information visit National Unity Weeks website.





The first if its kind internationally, National Mosque Open Day was launched on October 25, 2014.

With 9 mosques participating in the inaugural event, NMOD had over five thousand people attend participating mosques nationally whose questions were answered by religious leaders.

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National Mosque Open Day 2015 included a total of 14 participating mosques on October 31st, with the Alice Springs’ Afghan Mosque partaking one week later.

2015 saw 7 new participating mosques which covered new areas around Australia including central Melbourne, Rockhampton, Cairns, Mareeba and Alice Springs.

In 2015 all states and mainland territories had at least one participating mosque.

NMOD 2015 alongside Welcome to Australia spearheaded and featured as part of the National Day of Unity (later to become National Unity Week) launch at Parliament House in Canberra, the initiative was launched and backed by the leaders of the three main political parties at Parliament House in Canberra.




National Mosque Open Day 2016 had 19 participating mosques across the nation.

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NMOD was in its fourth iteration in 2017 and saw over 10, 000 Australians visiting one of 11 local participating mosques.




The fifth NMOD saw new mosques sign up with a total of 13 participating mosques in total. Among them was a new regional addition from Whyalla, South Australia.

After the successful establishment of National Unity Week (NUW), 2018 continued the pre-existing partnership of the LMA and Welcoming Australia (WA), and facilitated a weeklong series of over 31 events celebrating of Australia’s diversity from October 20th to October 27th. This was orchestrated by reaching out to primarily faith-based organisations to host their own events as part of the week.

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The sixth national Mosque Open Day aims to expand the project and see more mosques participate on a national and international level.

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The seventh year of NMOD was a unique one with the COVID-19 pandemic having us rethink how we do large scale events like this. To adapt and ensure the safety of communities, the Lakemba Mosque Open Day went virtual for the first time ever.

A virtual reality tour of Lakemba Mosque enabled online viewers to tour and explore the mosque, it included information panels that highlighted several key features of Lakemba mosque and provided an insightful experience for viewers.

On October 31st 2020, LMA live streamed Lakemba Mosque Open Day which included a guided tour and a live conversation with panellists addressing the theme “Solidarity, Together We Rise”. The livestream was supported by Auslan interpretation and reached more than 14,000 Australians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a dress code for entering a Mosque on National Mosque Open Day?

    Men and women are advised to dress respectfully when visiting a mosque by  covering their arms and legs.

    Shelves are provided for you to safely leave your shoes outside the mosques entrance.

  • Is the mosque always open?

    Most mosques are open from sunrise until the evenings,7 days a week. These hours differ between states and time zones soplease contact your local mosque to find out more.

  • What is a Mosque?

    Mosques are very important to the lives of Muslims around the world. Their main function is to facilitate congregational prayers five times a day, especially the Friday prayers, known as Salat al Jummah, when prayers take place following a sermon delivered by the Imam of the mosque. Other important prayers are the early Morning Prayer on religious holidays and every evening during the Holy month of Ramadan.

    Some mosques also facilitate Arabic, Islamic and Quran classes for men, women and children, funeral services and prayers. Most Mosques also offer worshippers the opportunity to perform I’tikaf, the opportunity to worship in solitude for consecutive days.

  • Are Children welcome?

    Yes. National Mosque Open Day is a day for the entire family. Everyone is welcome.

  • Can I use my phone to take photos in the Mosque

    Yes! In fact, National Mosque Open Day frequently feature local artists in an exhibition and has large banner with information about Islam and the Mosque design itself. Feel free to snap a picture and do not forget to use the hashtag #NMOD.

  • If I was interested in gaining more information, who is the best person to talk to?

    Contact us with any questions about the event, Mosques, Islam or booking your own private mosque tour.

About the LMA

The Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) has been in operation since 1962 and has grown to be a nationally recognised representative service provider with over 1,000 members, over 400 initiatives and events and with a staff of over 40.

Its reach has grown to include a vast spectrum of communities and networks from across NSW, including having three mosques and partnerships with a number of stakeholders and sponsors.

It is most prominently associated with being the caretaker of Lakemba Mosque, one of the largest Mosque’s in Australia that hosts thousands of people every week, and over 100,000 people across major events and milestones.

The LMA continues to grow, reaching into new sectors and fields, expanding its reach across new platforms online and developing new spaces to accommodate a rapidly changing community discourse. With a strong sense of history and context, the LMA continues to work towards building an Australian Muslim Community that is able to confidently tackle the many challenges and obstacles it faces.