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31 October, 2015Online

Mosques should open doors: Islamic leader

Mosques around Australia have thrown open their doors to the public in the hope of reducing misunderstandings about Islam. National Mosque Open Day, which saw 14 places of Islamic worship around the country invite locals inside, is the...

30 October, 2015Online

Rostrum: National Mosque Open Day Edition!

You might not know it but this Saturday is National Mosque Open Day. To mark the occasion, 14 Islamic “places of worship” across Australia have invited locals to experience what “those people” are calling “”cultural and religious...

29 October, 2015Online

Mosque open for all

A mosque in Southern River will open its doors to the public as part of national mosque open day on Saturday. Masjid Ibrahim Imam Shabir Moosa said this was the second time the mosque would take part in the annual event, which aimed to...

29 October, 2015Online

Welcome mat at Hoppers Crossing mosque

A Wyndham mosque will open its doors this weekend to help the wider community better understand Islam and its traditions. Virgin Mary Mosque in Hoppers Crossing will join in National Mosque Open Day, which promotes the objective of...

1 November, 2014TV

NMOD – Angela Antenero

National Mosque Open Day (NMOD) is an initiative run by the Lebanese Muslim Association and proudly supported by the Department of Social Services that endeavours to facilitate a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims in Australia...

26 October, 2014Online

Illawarra marches in support of refugees

More than 200 people joined a Wollongong march at the weekend in support of refugees and asylum seekers. Walk Together marches were held in unison in capital cities and regional centres around the country on Saturday. Read More...

25 October, 2014Online

Perth Mosque holds open day

It’s been a busy Saturday at a Mosque in the Perth suburb of Southern River where an open day has attracted crowds of non-Muslim visitors. It comes just a week after two Perth mosques and the Australian Islamic College in...

24 October, 2014Online

Walk together to share common dreams

Common people with common dreams. It’s a simple concept, but one, in a time of uncertainty and confusion, can be easily forgotten. Enter Welcome to Australia with their Walk Together event. Held in 19 different cities across the...

24 October, 2014Online

Mosque opens doors in walk for peace

THE multi-faith community in Toowoomba is taking another step towards peace and equality. In a public show of solidarity, members of Toowoomba’s churches will “”Walk Together”” through the city tomorrow...

23 October, 2014Radio

The Interview: Sahar Dandan

Islam in Australia is changing. The current generation of Australian Muslims are increasingly tertiary educated. And in the face of what can sometimes be confronting social hostility....

19 October, 2014Radio

The Issue: A National Day of Unity

Noel Debien was joined by theologian and educator Peter Vardy, Sheikh Wesam Chakarwi from the Lebanese Muslim Association, Pastor Brad Chilcott from Welcome to Australia and Rabbi Zalman Kastel from Together for Humanity....

7 October, 2014Online

Being a Muslim woman in Newcastle

After a recent visit to Newcastle’s Mosque, ABC Newcastle’s Carol Duncan was invited with her family to attend Eid al-Adha celebrations. She took the opportunity to bust a few myths about being a Muslim woman by letting...