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Do you work for an organisation or mosque who would love to host an open day this year with National Mosque Open Day? Register and we will be in touch with your login detail so you can access all the resources you need to run a successful event.

Mosque Participation Form Mosque Participation Form
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NMOD Deliverables:

  • The maintenance of a National Mosque Open Day portal on the LMA website, with information about participating mosques
  • The maintenance of a National Mosque Open Day Facebook account promoting the event and participating mosques
  • A press kit that includes generic press releases, invitations and thank you notes
  • Creation of a flyer for each participating mosque based on a common theme and individualised with each participating mosque’s details
  • The delivery of materials to participating mosques, to be distributed to visitors
  • A manual that includes a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for holding a Mosque Open Day
  • Evaluation feedback surveys
  • A mosque open day report template

Partner Mosque Deliverables:

  • A mosque open day on the day specified by the NMOD organising committee
  • Establishment of a Project Coordinator who is in charge of overseeing the local Mosque Open Day and who will co-ordinate with the National Mosque Open Day project officer
  • Invitations to local VIP guests (such as politicians and leaders of other faiths), community groups, schools, universities etc.
  • A program for the day
  • The organisation of an event coordinator, volunteers, guides, food, signage, cleaners, parking, wet weather plans as well as potentially market stalls, security, first aid tents and a shuttle bus to nearest train station or bus stop
  • The distribution of materials supplied by the NMOD team to visitors who attend National Mosque Open Day at your participating mosque (please note the materials supplied by the NMOD team must only be used for National Mosque Open Day on Saturday, October 26th, 2019, unless express permission is sought from the NMOD team)
  • Professional or semi-professional photography, with copies to be returned to the NMOD team
  • Local promotional material
  • The collection of evaluation surveys; return of evaluation surveys to the NMOD team
  • The delivery of thank you notes to VIPs and if needed other participants